Can a personal planner really make your life better?

6 Ways a Personal Planner can Improve your LifeWe all know that personal planners can help us structure our days and become more organized in general. Those are some of the obvious benefits of planning. But aside from the standard to-do list, there are other ways that a personal planner can make your life better that may surprise you.

1 – Using your Personal Planner can help with weight loss.

Using a planner to design a meal plan can help you lose weight and save money.  Not eating takeout during the week will definitely save you money and help you avoid eating badly. A good personal planner will help you lay out your meals for the week or even the month. Some tools will even help you generate a shopping list based on your plan!

A personal planner could also be used as a food journal. Research shows that people who write down their meals tend to eat less and more healthy foods overall. Making yourself write down each food choice you make will help you be more mindful and avoid careless snacking.

2 – Your Personal Planner can help you become healthier.

Writing down workouts in your planner can help you stick to a routine and hold yourself more accountable. Having your week/month laid out in front of you shows what times you have available to hit the gym. Also, having gym time scheduled instead of simply working out whenever you feel like it will help to keep you from skipping workouts.

3- A well used Personal Planner can help you be a better spouse or parent. 

When you take the time to use your personal planner thoroughly you can schedule quality time with those you love most and keep track of important dates and happenings. In addition to that, your planner can help you plan fun events, from birthday parties to vacations. Personal planners help you keep track of all sorts of details, including shopping lists and itineraries.

4 – Improve your credit score with your Personal Planner. 

Your credit score can affect the kind of car or house you purchase, or even prevent you from getting a job. With a million other things going on in our lives, it can be easy to forget to pay a credit card bill or even send off your utility payment. Use your planner to keep track of dates that your bills are due so that you won’t face a late fee or take a hit on your credit report.

5- Cultivate gratitude daily with your Planner. 

Research shows that feeling grateful is one of the keys to being a happier person overall. During your planning time, take a minute to reflect on something good that happened the day before, and make notes on the appropriate date. Each month, look back and read about what you were thankful for or happy about. These can serve as a reminder of the great things going on in your life.

Hopefully you have gained some insight into what a personal planner can do in your life.

Keep in mind that personal planners do not have to be bound to paper.  Online personal planners are extremely effective and amazingly portable.  I personally use Trello to keep track of all of my important dates, plans and even my bucket list of exciting things to do in the future.

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