Book Lovers Gift GuideHave some book lovers on your gift list?  It’s hard to know what books they’ve already read so you need to think beyond the book when you buy gifts.

Being a book lover myself, I have included all the things that are on my gift list or that I have gotten in the past and truly love.

Kindle Fire Case

I love my Kindle Fire.  I take it on long trips instead of a stack of books.  Heavy users will find that their case gets worn out over time.  So even if your book-lover has a case already, consider giving them a new one.  Plus with the wide range of colors – you are sure to find a new color that is different from the current case.

Things to look for:

  • Magnetic closure – this is a must-have feature for kindles, the magnet keeps the screen protected and also puts your Kindle in sleep mode.
  • Kindle Fire 7 – make sure you know what model Kindle you trying to fit.  This particular case only fits the Kindle Fire 7.  Amazon as tons of other cases that fit other models.  Specify what you are looking for in your search terms.

 Weighted Book Mark

For the book lover who still loves the physical book – look for a weighted book mark.

The book mark will hold your place while you get up and grab a snack.  It’s also great if you are reading hands free like on a treadmill or if you have dogs that run across your lap mid-page.  Yes, that happens to me all the time 🙂

Things to look for:

  • Stay away from the plastic weighted book marks.  I got one of those as a gift and I hate it.  It smells bad and it doesn’t conform to the book page.  I was really disappointed with it and never use it.  Stick with the leather.  I know it costs more but it works better and its a better gift.  The plastic one looks cheap.

poster12-readingrealitysmallReading Poster

Help your book lover decorate his or her reading nook with a fun reading poster. poster13-readingaddictionsmall Even book lover look up from the page sometimes!

Posters make a great gift especially if you have to mail the gift across the country.

Things to look for:

  • Look for smaller posters.  While book lovers enjoy their passion, they may not want to shout it to the world.  Also keep in mind reading nooks tend to be smaller cozy areas.
  • Look for sayings that reflect your readers interests and sense of humor.  Reading is a passion and the poster should accurately reflect their love.


Book Marks

I have a collection of book marks and I typically have 3 to 4 books I am reading at a time.  So you can never have too many book marks.  My dogs typically eat one or two a year as well.  Book marks make great gift embellishments or stocking stuffers.

For the most creative and beautiful book marks, check out your local used book store, craft fair or gift shops.

If you have a teen reader, like my daughter, consider these timed book marks.  My daughter enjoys reading once she gets “int0” a book but it’s hard for her to get started.  We play a game of “just read for 15 minutes” to get her started.   The timer book mark makes playing the game fun.

Other book-lovers might love to keep track of how long it takes them to read a book cover to cover.  These book marks allow them to be self-competitive.  Who says reading isn’t a sport?!

 Themed Throw Blanket

The best way to read a book is snuggled up under a blanket!  When shopping for your book lover, look for a theme that fits them.  Cafe Press has some great themed blankets and you can buy them on Amazon to make shopping easier.

We have a collection of throw blankets at home from Disney’s “Frozen” to a glittering soccer ball one.  They all get used.

Things to look for:

  • Make sure the blanket is washable.  Any kind of glitter or sequins will be a problem.
  • If your book lover has a dog or cat, stay away from knit blankets.  They will get pulls in them from little nails.  Stick with fleece for super soft and durable throws.

Lap Desk

Another favorite book lover gift is the lap desk.  Don’t let the computer fool you.  A lap desk isn’t just for lap tops.

Many book lovers like to have a surface to rest their book on while reading.   Especially if the book is a reference or instructional type of book.  The lap desk allows you to have you book open to a page (hands free if you are using a weighted book mark) and write alongside the book.

Things to look for:

  • I like the memory foam underlayer instead of a rigid frame or stand.  The memory foam contours to your lap better giving you a more stable and level writing space.
  • Avoid the lap desks with cup holders – that just an accident waiting to happen.