PageLines- BucketListChallengeFeature.pngDo you find yourself wondering if there should be more to life than paying bills?

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a routine-do you yearn for excitement

I invite you to join me on the Bucket List Challenge-it will change your life. If you are tired of feeling stuck and exhausted, then why not try something new? 

When you sign up for the Bucket List Challenge, you’ll have access to over 34 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!

You will learn:

  • How a Bucket List can bring more fulfillment to your life
  • How to focus your creativity so that you can find Bucket List ideas everywhere
  • How to develop a list of resources that can help achieve your dream list items
  • Create a Bucket List plan for both short and long term goals, projects and activities

I know it sounds strange – how can having a Bucket List change your life?  I have to tell you from personal experience that creating and working through your bucket list is definitely a game changer!!

I started paying attention to my dreams and actively working on ideas rather than putting them in the “someday” pile.  I got focused on what I really wanted – not just big goals – but everyday experiences.  Things like going for a sleigh ride with my husband or going for a hot air balloon ride with my girl friends.

Once I created my bucket list, I started seeing ideas everywhere and I started to get really motivated to do more with my life.  My Bucket List had become my “fun” list.  It is full of things I want to DO.  

I can’t tell you have life-changing having a bucket list is –  You have to experience it for yourself.  I invite you to enroll today and feel a new level of inspiration and anticipation for the future.

The Bucket List Challenge is for anyone who wants more excitement in their lives, anyone who wants to feel alive.

The right time to change your life is right now. Click HERE to sign up and get started!