Decluttering Your HomeDid you know your excess “stuff” can prevent you from shedding unwanted pounds?

Sound like a strange connection – excess stuff = excess pounds?

It’s true however.  Think about it.  You are carrying around a lot of excess baggage in all areas of your life.  Lightning the load in one area will help you lose the baggage in other areas.

Go stand in front of your closet right now.  (I’ll wait – get up right now and go there.)

What do you feel as you look at your overflowing rack of clothes?

Over here are the clothes that used to fit.

Mixed in there are the clothes that you hate to admit you had to buy because your “normal” stuff didn’t fit.

Oh, here’s that outfit that hides all sins – you love that one.

What are you feeling?  Overwhelmed? Depressed? Defeated? Hopeless?

You get dressed every single day so every single day you expose yourself to the “sickness” of your closet.

Now close your eyes and picture your closet trimmed down.  All it includes are clothes that you love and look good in.  There is lots of extra room on the bar.  Everything hangs neatly.  You don’t feel the need to buy more because you have everything you need to put together a fabulous look 7 days a week.

Ahh – doesn’t that feel nice.  Do you feel relaxed? At peace? Even a little hopeful?

The day just became easier!

messy_clothesHow does decluttering work?

Why does having less clothing feel so good?

  • Less decisions about what to wear – everything in your closet will look good on you today
  • No guilt from clothes that are part of your past
  • Less visual overwhelm so your mind can be calm

When you know that you can pull anything out of your closet and feel good about it, you no longer start your day with stress.  Stress is the least addressed cause of weight gain.

Declutter your closet – Reduce Stress – Start to path to weight loss.

Now will clearing out your closet automatically allow you to drop 50 pounds?  No, c’mon, that isn’t realistic.  But not having to stress out about what you are wearing is going to lead you to other areas where you can lighten your burden.

For example, after you tackle your closet, you can move on to your overflowing shoe rack and then your overflowing jewelry box.

Then you can move to your bedroom and start eliminating unwanted “stuff” that prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Before you know it, you are in your kitchen getting rid of gadgets you thought would help you lose weight and now are just guilty reminders of failed attempts.  Let that stuff go.

Clear, clear, clear until you start to feel lighter.  Look for open spaces on your shelves.  Feel the freshness of open space.  Feel how it makes your body feel better.

How decluttering for weightloss worked for me.

Let me share with you how this worked for me.  I started with my closet and tossed the clothes that I didn’t feel good wearing or that were just too small for me.  I thanked them for making me happy at one point in my life and then let them go – I know this sounds really weird but don’t knock it till you try it.

Once I started to free up space in my closet it became a bit of a game – I started to toss socks, underwear and bras that I never wore but for some reason, kept holding on to.

Then I expanded and tackled all the closets throughout my house.  Then the shelves – book after book went to the donation pile.  Was I really ever going to read them again? Not.

When I had gone through every little nook and cranny where I stored stuff, I felt amazing.  I loved the extra space I had.

birthday_candlesMy birthday was approaching and my family was asking what I wanted.  For the first time, I was extremely clear that I didn’t want anymore STUFF.  Please don’t buy me clothes – I have plenty.  Don’t buy me books, knick knacks or anything that I have to put on a shelf.

I became so much smarter about what I would allow back into my life.  So how does this relate to weight loss?

I’m getting there.  After I cleared away the clutter, I started to approach my kitchen cabinets as just another storage area – what belonged in there and what didn’t?  I started to clear away the junk foods that didn’t make me feel good – they were just clutter.  I started get smarted about what went into the fridge.

Overall, I just felt better about myself and was more motivated to take care of what I put into my body.  I felt so much happier at home, which gave me the space to say “do I really want to eat that?”  I know this sounds so strange – but it really works.

Can you do this?

I invite you to try decluttering.  You have nothing to lose.  At worst you will feel better letting go of the clothes that don’t work for you.  You will shed unwanted baggage from your closets, your shelves and your cabinets.

Now, if you are like me, you may have tried to get rid of clothes in the past without success.  I found that the book the Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo really helped me to wrap my head around letting go of STUFF.  I recommend checking this book out of your library.  (Don’t buy it – it will just add STUFF to your shelves!)

I thought the book was so powerful that I created an online to-the-point video course that focused on the best parts of the book and simplified the process so that you can be successful with decluttering right away.  In it I share my experiences but also give you a step by step plan to declutter starting with your closet.  I know you firsthand how much better you feel with less clutter all around you.

(You can find out more about it here.)

I want you to get started on a weight loss journey that doesn’t require to make your life more complicated.  Getting rid of stuff is easy and feels good.  Much easier than working out or starting a strict diet of deprivation.  Try decluttering now – I know you will feel better right away.

Really – what do you have to lose – just unwanted stuff that is weighing you down – literally.

I wish you all the success with achieving a body that you love – start with a closet you love – you can get there!!!

Share your comments and questions about decluttering below.  I am happy to help motivate you to just get started.



P.S. Again, if you want to use the same approach I did – find out about it here.


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