PageLines- FinallyClutterFreeFeature.pngDo you struggle with keeping the clutter at bay?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your stuff? With our busy lifestyles, simple tasks like decluttering and tidying often fall to the back burner.

In this course you will learn what all the buzz is about in Marie Kondo’s best selling book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.

Don’t worry if you’ve never read the book-this course will teach everything you know about following the KonMarie method. You will learn step by step how to get rid of the clutter in your space and make your home a place that gives you pleasure.

If have read dozens of books about storage and decluttering and nothing worked for me.  If anything, I got less organized because my stuff was no out of sight.  I would forget where I put something or forget I even had it until a year later when I would finally open a dusty box.  “Oh that’s where I put it!”

Some systems were too complicated and I found them hard to maintain.  Keeping things organized became a burden.

The KonMarie Method just clicked for me.  I was able to finally get rid of a ton of clothes, books and random items in my home.  I was able to create an easy to maintain storage system.  There were even some great side effects of going through the method myself.

  • My two kids and my husband all cleared out their closets.
  • I got hooked on tossing stuff that I no longer valued.  
  • I became a much better shopper – I knew what I did need and what I didn’t need any more of!

When you sign up for this course, you will have access to over 17 lectures and 1.5 hours of content! Additionally, you will get a free Trello template that shows all the course material and allows for complete customization to fit your needs and the scope of your project.

This course is for anyone who truly wants to make their home a happier, clutter-free place. This course is not for hoarders, pack rats, or anyone who can’t let go of things.

If you want to really get serious about getting rid of piles of paper, overflowing closets and stuff-related stress, this course is for you.

And for only $9, why wait? Click HERE to sign up and get started today.