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Paper or Virtual – the Time Management Tools Debate

Many people utilize lists or planners to help them stay on track and get things done, and chances are you have too. When it comes to to-do lists, do you prefer paper time management tools or online tools?

There are certainly benefits and downsides to both forms of time management.

Paper to-do lists are harder to keep up with, and once you lose your list it’s gone forever. However, paper lists give users the satisfaction of physically crossing items off of their list, which is something that you don’t often get from online tools. Paper planners and lists have endless customization opportunities. Users can make them as visually appealing as they want, depending on their artistic abilities-and they’re also easy to use for those who aren’t as tech-savvy. One other downside to paper tools is that they can’t be shared easily, whereas most online tools and apps can be shared and viewed by multiple users simultaneously.

While you can lose paper tools, online tools and apps are never lost because they’re stored in the cloud and they often have the ability to be synced across multiple platforms and devices. This means that you can view your list on your computer and also update them on your smartphone or handheld device while you’re on the go. Most productivity apps can be shared and viewed by other users, which makes team collaboration amazingly easy. One downside to online tools/apps is that there may be a learning curve for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Free Online Time Management Tools

If you’ve only ever used paper time management tools, I encourage you to give online tools a try. You may be pleasantly surprised!

There are some amazing great FREE time management tools out there for those of you who like to go paperless. I compare them head to head in this video series.

Pick the tool that best fits you…Click Here to Access the Free Video Series.

What time management tools do you like?  Share your experiences and tools in the comments below.



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