PageLines- BirthdayFeature.pngDo you find that your birthdays just don’t live up to the hype anymore?

I know the feeling-some of the worst days of my life have happened on my birthdays. I have had family members and close friends forget it was my birthday, again and again. I’ve endured awkward birthday “celebrations” that left me feeling disappointed rather than happy and celebratory.

I feel that the secret to having an amazing birthday is to design the experience yourself-just make it happen. If you’ve had less than fulfilling birthdays in the past, I welcome you to take this course and learn how to plan birthdays to remember for years to come.

To be clear, this course isn’t about planning a birthday party. Instead, it will help you to do the following:

  • Design a day that will make you feel happy and fulfilled
  • Plan to spend time doing things you enjoy
  • Put together a meaningful gift list
  • Celebrate the day and year that follows with purpose

This is a free course that provides 14 lectures and 36 minutes of content. By using this course, you will gain a basic understanding of Trello, which is one of my favorite free planning tools.

To learn how to make your next birthday one to remember, click HERE and sign up for this awesome course!