PageLines- PlanningCampFeature.pngIs one of your goals right now is to get more organized? To do a better job with planning? If you love the idea of planning but are at a loss with how to get started, Planning Camp is for you.

Planning Camp will teach you all about Trello- a versatile, easy to use, and overall amazing tool that will help you get organized. Trello is different than paper planners or even apps that you’ve tried in the past and I’m excited for you to learn about it.

Planning Camp with Trello will allow you to:

  • Create a customized plan that fits you and the way you think
  • Add inspiring visuals and color to your plan – it can be a living vision board if you want it to be
  • Say goodbye to paper and bulky planners – instead you will have immediate access to your plan anywhere from your phone or laptop – if you have access to the internet – you have access to your plan
  • Find a new way to plan that is all about telling the story of you and not about rigid goal-setting
  • Get support and accountability from friends and family if you have a motivating crew around you

Trello is a great tool for planning and organization and Planning Camp will teach you how to get the most out of it and reach your goals.  Included with this course is a starting template that will help you get going with your own board.  You can customize this template and use it anyway that you want.  

When you sign up for Planning Camp, you will have access to over 20 lectures and 1.5 hours of content along with this free template. You will also discover ways to create the planning system that best suits your needs.

Planning Camp is for anyone who really wants to make progress in their life this year.  I have a special website only  offer for you – you can get this complete course and the planning template for just $9.  

If you have tried all kinds of planners and planning systems in the past, I invite you to take a fresh new approach to planning.  I believe you will find Planning Camp offers you a simple and effective way to create a plan that is tailored to you and so portable.  I love that I can access my plan any time inspiration hits.  No lost time waiting in the grocery line – I just pop open my phone and look at what I want to conquer from my plan next.

For just $9 – what have you got to lose?  You will get a custom tailored, vibrantly beautiful, easily accessible plan.  Plus I offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee.
Enroll HERE today!