PageLines- PlanningEasyFeature.pngDo you enjoy planning and managing products or do you dread it worse than going to the dentist?

There are tons of awesome free tools online today that can help you succeed with any project and take some of the dread out of planning.

In this free online course you will learn about 3 very popular tools and find out what each one does well.

Every tool isn’t going to work well for you, and that’s okay. In designing this course, I wanted to take some of the guesswork out of choosing the right tool for you.

I will show you three tools that can each help you get things done and I’m certain you will find the best tool for your unique planning style and needs.

Design your project so that you can take action and remain motivated.

  • Learn which tools have the bells and whistles you need to make project planning fun for you instead of something you dread.
  • Discover the power of progress tracking to keep you motivated and get your projects done fast.
  • Uncover ways to use color to organize your tasks and your progress on those tasks so you know exactly where you stand with just one glance.

Enjoy the simplicity of these tools.

  • Tools should never add to your feeling of overwhelm. Each tool you use should make your life easier and help you get out of the planning stage and into action quickly.
  • I have chosen each of the tools reviewed in this course for their simplicity, accessibility and robustness of their free versions.
  • After watching the overview of each tool, you will be able to make an educated choice and then get up and running with the tool right away.

This is a FREE course, but it really is invaluable.

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