trello_tips_tricksTrello is an amazing tool that can be used to help you stay on track and get things done. It is my number 1 Go-To tool for all of my planning.

While it is relatively user-friendly, there are some helpful Trello tips and tricks that you may be missing out on! Here are just a few useful functions that can be used in Trello.


Checklist: Adding a Checklist to a card will allow users to see what needs to be done in order to complete that task.

Trello Tips Checklist

I often use multiple checklists on the same card which is so helpful when you have a task that has repetitive features as well as task-specific features.

For example, I have a style-guide that I use for each blog post.  So I have a Style-Guide Checklist for every blog article card.  I created the list once and then just copy this checklist over to another card and keep using it.

But then I also have a checklist specific to the actual post.  I drop my research in to a Research Checklist and I check off each item as I use the idea in my post.  When all the Research items are checked, my post is done from a writing stand point.  When all the Style Guide Checklist items are done my post is done from a formatting stand point and it’s ready to be published.

I love the Checklist feature!

Adding Members to Boards and Cards: If you’re collaborating with someone else on a task, you can add them to the board for that task so you can both stay up to speed on the project progress.

They will get a notification every time you mention them in a comment or every time you update a card.  It’s such a cool tool.  

I use this feature with my VA all the time.  This is how we communicate on all the various projects we have going on.  She gets a notification that I’ve updated a card and when she clicks on the link in the email notification, she goes right to the board we are discussing.  

All of our comments back and forth to one another are stored right in the card we are discussing.  This is a huge time saver and keeps us both on the same page.  We have a history of our conversations and can go back and forth on a topic easily.  

Labels: Trello allows you to make labels for cards to keep track of that activity’s status.

If you are overly type-A like me, you love to mark things with a “done” label.  For me it’s a huge reward to look at a project and see all the green “done” labels on my screen.  

In addition to seeing your progress, labels help you to filter your tasks which allows you to focus on certain topics.  For example, with my personal bucket list board, I can filter by those list items that are based on my family by filtering on the Family label.  When I do that, I can see all the items I want to get my family excited about doing and then pick one to tackle next.

When you see all of your tasks at once, it can be overwhelming.  So label filtering helps with your sanity too.  Decide what your focus will be for a week, filter your board, and then tackle just those items that are showing.  

I use this strategy for my business planning board.  I have a lot I want to accomplish and it’s easy to feel like I can never do it all.  By filtering, I keep my board manageable.  I only see a few immediate tasks and I can work to get that lovely green “done” label on each one before moving on to the next big chunk of tasks.

This is just a sample of what you can do with Trello. There are a ton of extensions and fun things that can be used in conjunction with the app to help you get more done.

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What Trello tips do you have to share?  Leave your suggestions and comments below.  I’d love to hear you have made Trello work for you.




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