Workout motivation comes in all different shapes and sizes.

Try on this mindset to refuel your workout motivation on a pretty regular basis – it works and it’s fun.

Mood swings are just a part of life if you are a female between the ages of 13 and…well, does it ever end?

I don’t know about you but I would find myself in a bad mood triggered by the slightest thing.  Sometimes I don’t even know why I am angry or annoyed – I just am.

Do you know what I mean?

I don’t need a reason, I have hormones and that is enough.  The thing is, here I am, finding myself in a bad mood over nothing, and my whole day goes downhill.  I hate feeling that way.  Don’t you?

Here’s what I found though – just one workout – five minutes is enough – and my mood perks up.  I have a rebounder at home (mini trampoline) and I love that thing.  It is the best $30 investment ever.  I hop on that and just bounce up and down to some great music and I start to feel better.

workout motivationMy 13-year-old daughter who has just hopped on hormonal rollercoaster was having terrible mood swings.  We worked on doing these mini-workouts and they really helped her.  Now she does them herself when she feels a bad mood coming on with no encouragement from me.

Working out is truly a bad mood buster.  If you haven’t discovered this for yourself, try it today.  Get your body moving.  Even just five minutes of dancing around to music will do.

You know this right?  You’ve already heard how exercise releases endorphins and serotonin (feel good hormones) but maybe you thought you had to do a full on workout to get the mood rush.  Nope!  Just 5 minutes can do the trick. 

I have found working out is better at improving my mood than chocolate, wine and salty snacks…and doesn’t pack on calories.  You feel better without the guilt.

What do you have to lose?  Try this. You really are only one workout away from a good mood.

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